Woodland Management Course and

Tree Identification Courses: 2017

With many years experience teaching adults and children, I specialize in fitting the task to the student. Whatever you find difficult, I endeavour to make easy.

I can run a tailor-made course for your group or you can try one of my ready made courses at Orielton Field Centre near Pembroke in Wales or at Kindrogan Field Centre near Pitlochry in Scotland. 


Woodland Conservation and Management

  • We visit a variety of woodland sites to examine their different management regimes and the effect on woodland flora and fauna. The course will include identification of trees, shrubs, woodland plants and other indicator species. This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in the ecology and history of woodland.  

Big Tree Country 1: Introduction to Tree Identification at Kindrogan

  • This course aims to get you started or if you know a bit already, to consolidate your knowledge. The course will involve a lot of walking to meet many remarkable trees as well as the more common broad-leaved and conifer species. Perthshire is 'Big Tree Country.' The scenery is terrific and May is the best time of year for all woodland plants. This course complements and can be combined with 'Big Tree Country2: Tree Identification for Improvers' which follows immediately afterwards. 

 Big Tree Country 2: Tree identification for Improvers at Kindrogan

  • Visiting woods and estates in Perthshire's 'Big Tree Country', this course will build up your confidence and tree identification skills. Native, naturalised and exotic conifers and broad-leaved trees will be encountered in their spring glory. We will also identify woodland ground flora which are at their best at this time of year. Some time will be given to tree biology, plant communities and woodland history and management. This course complements and can be linked to 'Big Tree Country 1: Introduction to Tree Identification' which runs immediately before it. 


 Date Course Title Location Contact
11-15 May 2017

Woodland Conservation and Management

Orielton      Field Centre

0845 330 7372

26-28 May 2017

Big Tree Country 1:                          Tree Identification for Beginners  

Kindrogan    Field Centre

 01250 870150
28-31 May 2017

Big Tree country 2:                                                   Tree Identification for Improvers

Kindrogan   Field Centre

 01250 870150



Course Information and booking: 

  • These courses are booked with the individual Field Centres.    
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