Picus Tomograph

Tree decay detection with the Picus Tomograph


This highly sophisticated piece of equipment can 'map' internal decay in trees by measuring the velocity of shock waves passing through the tree - the greater the decay, the slower the waves travel. A number of sensors are attached to the trunk at regular intervals and pick up the shock waves produced by tapping at one location at a time in sequence. A computer then 'crunches' the data and produces a two dimensional image. One of the major advantages of the equipment is that it does very little damage to the tree.




When would you need it?

If you suspect your tree is decayed although it looks healthy on the outside, you may wish to ascertain the extent of the decay. The Picus Sonic Tomograph may confirm that the tree is sound or it may indicate that decay is so far advanced that remedial action is called for. The tomograph cannot tell you what to do but it provides the best indication yet as to the state of the wood inside the tree. You may be experienced in tree hazard assessment but would like me to provide that extra bit of evidence. You may be less experienced and welcome my interpretation from a fuller inspection of the tree.






For my services as a fully trained Picus technician, providing you with a full report including a graphical cross section of the tree (tomogram), interpretation and recommendations : £160 per reading plus travel costs of 50p per mile return journey and £40 per hour travelling time .   
* No VAT on top of this.